Sunday, October 25, 2009

Attractions in Kolkata,West Bengal, India

I have been in Kolkata for 2-3 months and I have really enjoyed the different faces of kolkata. Well, let me share the moments I had in Kolkata, this may help those who planning to visit Kolkata. Kolkata has many attractions like Victoria Memorial hall,Central park etc.,


In the memory of Queen Victoria the Lord Curzon(Appointed to rule the country after the death of Queen Victoria) has decided to set up a public visiting memorial hall in the name of Victoria. The foundation stone was laid by King George V in 1906 and it was opened to the public in 1921. The memorial hall is situated on 64 acres with the height of 200ft from ground. The total cost of Construction was about a crore.

The victoria memorial has large number of statues and scultures collections. It also has a library with 10,674 books on Indo-British history and Arts relating to 18th&19th centuries. The most interesting part of collection is Armor collections. It has plenty of collections right from Quick Gun to Cannons(Very interesting to see).

The entry fee for the memorial is Rs.10(for Indians) and Rs.150(for Foreigners). It is "Closed on all Mondays" and all Indian Government Holidays.


The central park is located in Saltlake,Kolkata. One of the best place to have a relax evening. It is the best destination for Lovers. Have a peaceful evening with more than 100 variety of trees and more than 150 variety of plants while the birds surrounded you.


Howrah bridge is the gateway of Kolkata which is built on Hoogly river. It was built during World War II for Military Transportation between Kolkata and Howrah. The bridge is 705m in length ,30m in wide and 82m in height. It can accomadate 80,000 vehicles and 1,000,000 pedestrians.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

National Skills Registry(NSR)- An Online Fact sheet of Professionals

I have recntly come to know about the site NSR(National Skills Registry) managed by NDML(NSDL Database Management Limited). National Skllis Registry(NSR) is a Database of Information of IT,ITES and BPO professionals which is registerd by every Individual on their own and Verified by the experts. The main objective of NSR is to have an Online Database of Professionals Information and to avoid repitative of background verification.

The steps involved is very simple:

1. Register yourself in NSR( Please be sure to enter all your details correctly without any errors.


a) It is fully secured site(https). It may ask you to verify, Please select "Yes" in case if it asks you.

b) It has three steps namely I) Personal Details II) EducationalDetails III) Employment Details. Please be sure to complete all details within 10-15 minutes. Otherwise the session will expire.

2. After you complete step I(Personal Details) it will generate an Acknowledgement no which you may need to note it down. If you failed to do so, Dont worry You will get an e-mail with the acknowledgement no.

In Step I(Personal Details) it will ask you to enter two passwords namely Login Password,Transaction Password which has to be different from each other and also it will ask you to enter with minimum of One Capital Letter and Minimum of one Numeric in case if you failed to select the password without numeric and Capital Letter.

3. Once you have sucessfully completed Page I you can select Save&Continue option to go to next step. Here you will asked to enter all your Educational Details. Once complted you can select Save&Continue option it will prompt you to Step III where you will enter all your Experince Details.

4.  All your details has been entered now , It will prompt you to "Pay" option. Online/Direct/DD. You can select option according to your option.

5. You have now completed all the steps which has to be done online.

6. Now its about POS(Point Of Service). hm., Well Point Of Service is the offices appointed by NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML) for submitting their finger-prints, photograph, signature and fee (if not paid online)

While visiting POS following documents have to be carried:

- Acknowledgement Form printed from NSR website

- Passport size photograph pasted on acknowledgement form

- Proof of photo Identity - Voter's ID Card, Passport, Driving License, Bank Pass book (if photo attached), College ID Card (not more than 1 year old), PAN Card or Employment Identity Card

- Registration fee of Rs. 331

The list of POS(Point Of Service) offices information nearer to you is available in NSR site.(

7. Once you visited POS and submitted all above documents you will get ITPIN number and ITPIN card will be delivered to you at your home.

Benefits of Registering in NSR:

1. No need of repitative verification.

2. You can select the companies that can visit your data.

3. you have complete control of your profile and you can Update the detail whenever you need.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Vijay Awards 2008

The Vijay Awards has been announced and as expected only few movies had close competition. The movies that are nominated for more awards are Dasavatharam,Abhiyum Naanum,Anjathae,Subramayapuram.

Ulaga Nayagan's Dasavatharam won several awards. Kamalahasan won many awards including

Best Comedian(Balaram Naidu)

Best Villan(Christian Fletzer) 

Surya has won Best Actor award for the movie Vaaranam Ayiram from Padmashree.Kamalahasan

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Walking-An Art

Walking to lose weight is healthy, no doubt.Fast walking may be the most preferable method, as it makes you burn calories and does not require too much time. Fast walking has the advantage of involving your cardiovascular system more intensively. You improve heart condition and increase fitness level. Walking to lose weight is the simplest but most effective cardiovascular exercise there is. Walking for a whole mile at a steady medium pace burns up as much calories as jogging for 15 minutes - minus the strain on the knees and ankles too.

Walking is an easy way to start a weight loss program, just be sure to start slow and use lots of common sense. Start out by running for 30 seconds every 10 minutes of the walk. Start with 15 minute walks per day at an easy pace and increase it by five minutes per day if you can, until you reach 60 minutes a day most days of the week. As your fitness level increases, you can raise the intensity of your walking to increase the number of calories you burn. This builds a healthy habit. If you can’t take an hour a day to exercise, go less on some days but keep to your walking routine.